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Mining machine spares


Name Description
Air mover A device for forcing vent air into a dead vent area. Usually by Bernoulli
Airleg Supports and pushes the machine
Airleg miner A person who uses an airleg and machine to bore
ANFO Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil. Used as an explosive
Backs The top of the mine tunnel. AKA the ceiling
Bang A general term for explosives
Beethoven An instrument to set off the electric detonator to initiate an explosion
Bog What the Bogger does. Cleans the area of broken (fired) rock
Bogger A machine used to load broken rock. AKA loader
Bore What the jumbo does in mechanised mining. Drills the holes into the rock
Box cut Area between the surface and the portal
Brace An area adjacent to a headframe on the surface
Brattice A barricade wall erected to effect the flow of ventilation
C spanner A tool for working with poly pipe couplings
Cage A conveyance used within a shaft, mostly for people to get to the underground workings
Cageman The person who controls the movement of the cage
Carton The price you pay when you do something stupid, and someone sees
Cavo A pneumatically operated rubber tyred machine used to load broken rock into a gramby
Crib Food consumed through-out the shift
Crib room A place where a worker stores and perhaps consumes his crib
Crosscut A point along a drive where a level can be reached
Cut One cycle of bog bore fire. Usually increases the drive advance by between 3 and up to 6 metres
D. B. R. Drop Board Regulator. A segmented cover over a vent so as to regulate the flow of air
D.P.U. Drill Positioning Unit. The jumbo 'boom head' where the joint allows positioning of the drill angle
Decline A drive that has been designed to advance downward usually 1 in 9
Emulsion A paste form of explosive
Explosives A number of products designed to fill a bored hole and detonate to cause the rock to break up
Face The end of the drive where the jumbo will bore another cut
Fire After the drilled holes are charged with explosives the face is fired
Fracture A type of explosive
Gig rise An internal conveyance usually just between two levels
Gimpie Small 'sledge' hammer
Gramby A tub on railwheels which a miner fills with broken rock usually with a Cavo
Grizzle sheet A sheet denoting a mine worker's weekly pay workings out, given out before payday
Grizzley A steel grid where broken rock is dumped, too large a material will not go through. See spaller
Gummies The boots worn by underground workers
Headframe The frame work above the shaft which supports the sheave wheels
Heading An actively advancing drive
Incline A drive that has been designed to advance upward usually 1 in 9
Interplat bells A system of interplat communication with the Cageman used to call the cage
ITH/ DTH This is a drilling process where the hammer travels with the drill bit down the hole
Jumbo A mechanised machine for mounting a rockdrill
Kettle A pressurised vessel used to store ANFO that is about to be loaded into a drilled hole of a face
Kibble A large bucket usually for concrete that is hoisted within the shaft
Knocker line The wire rope attached to the backs from which the vent bag hangs
Level A working level of a mine reached by a cage or crosscut
Lifter tube Poly pipe of a size to snuggly fit into the lower (lifter) holes in the face to prevent water ingress
Loco A conveyance used within a level in a rail mine and used to pull the grambies to the grizzley
Machine Hand held rockdrilling machine
Marlon Heavy thread used with a needle to sew holes in the vent bag
Nipper A helper who assists the jumbo operator to achieve his cuts
Open cut A mine that is open to the air. A very large hole in the ground
Oxybox A newer style self rescuer containing oxygen for breathing in the event of underground fire
Pigsty An arrangement of timbers stacked two over two etc so as to support the backs
Plat An area adjacent to the opening of a shaft at an underground level
Plod A card or sheet filled out at the end of each shift so as to get paid
Portal The point where a boxcut becomes an underground drive
Raisebore A large diameter ventilation hole often from a level to the surface. Can be updraft or downdraft
Rake A man riding conveyance used within an overlay
Ramp A roadway between the surface and portal where the portal is located within an open cut mine
Rattle To scale the backs using the jumbo
Rise A large diameter hole excavated near vertically
Rockbolt A device for supporting the backs. There are several types
Rockdrill A percussive drill, can be a small hand held upto a large jumbo mounted. Pneumatic or hydraulic
Scale To bring down loose rock in a controlled manner usually manually from the backs
Self rescuer A device used for breathing in the event of fire, converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide
Shaft A vertical excavation from the surface to the mine working levels
Sheavewheel A pulley wheel where the winder rope changes direction from shaft to winder
Shotcrete A cement aggregate sprayed onto the backs for support
Signal bells A system of bells the Cageman uses to communicate with the Winder driver
Skip A shaft conveyance for broken rock to be hoisted to the surface
Skipman The person who controls the filling and movement of the skips
Spaller Large edge faced 'sledge' hammer for breaking rock by hand on the grizzley
Steel sets Arch shaped steel frames used to support the backs often used at the portal
Stinger A newer battery operated version of a beethoven
Stope A large excavation of ore bearing material
Stope ladder A ladder used by an airleg miner to access his stope
Switchback A 180 degree turn on a ramp
Tag An identifying personal pendant with a person's name and often photograph
Tag board A board where a person entering a mine working area will hang his tag
Timberman An underground worker who often constructed brattices, pigsties, wooden sets etc. using timber
Tram To move a diesel machine around
Underlay A shaft that is not intended to be vertical. Can be 45 degrees
Vent bag Attached to a vent fan a long large diameter plastic tube used to blow air to a mine heading
Vent fan A large fan used to ventilate a mine
Victaulic A type of galvanised steel pipe work for water, compressed air and dewatering within a mine
Winder The machine that hoists the conveyances
Winder driver The person who operates the winder. He controls the winder as directed by the Cageman
Winder rope Attaches the conveyances to the winder for travel up and down the shaft
Winze An internal shaft where the top does not reach the surface

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